Keith Wilkins published a political article titled "Lock and Load" in ROC Magazine in 1994. ROC Magazine was a national publication based out of Ohio. 

Published in the June/July 1994 issue of ROC Magazine
written by: Keith A. Wilkins
© copyright 1994 KAM Music Publishing

As I travel down the long and winding road called life (in the '90's), I can't help but see the changes that are taking place in America. Changes that are not always necessarily for the better, but are for the worse. Every day, little by little, our rights are being taken away from us.

As we already know, censorship is running rampant in America. We no longer have freedom of speech or freedom of expression. As a matter of fact, the impression I get from groups like the PMRC is that you can say what you want, as long as you don't say it in a song.

The one issue that I would like to cover in this editorial is a topic that has not been covered much in the ROC, and that is GUN CONTROL.

As you may or may not know, the government has just recently passed a bill that bans all assault rifles. First of all, assault rifles are only responsible for 1% of all murders. Most murders are the effect of hand guns, not assault rifles. Think about it, when was the last time you've seen a criminal hold someone up with an assault rifle?

What pisses me off is that this will only be the beginning, it will not stop here. I predict (more like guarantee) that sooner or later, our government will ban (or at least try to ban) all guns. Hey Clinton & Co., what happened to our 2nd Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms? They think (or at least want us to think) that by banning guns we will have less crime in America. Wrong again! The criminals will always be able to get guns, the only thing that will change is that it will keep the average law abiding citizen from being able to protect themselves from criminals that have guns. Think about it, drugs are illegal, but we still have tons of drugs here in America. What makes guns any different? So if you think for one single minute that banning guns will minimize crime in America, you're sadly mistaken!!!

It's time to wake up America! Our government is screwing over us big time, and some of us are just too blind to see it. We have already lost out First Amendment rights, and we are starting to lose our Second Amendment rights, and if things don't change, we'll end up losing all our rights. This is not a free country anymore. They might as well re-write the Constitution, 'cause they don't go by it anyway.

Maybe you should have inhaled Bill (that is if you believe he didn't) you probably would of been able to run the country better! Who gives a shit what kind of underwear you wear, or what your cat, Socks, is up to. We are getting tired of having our rights taken away from us. We are tired of having you think for us, and thinking that you know what is best for us. We want to be able to decide for ourselves if we should wear a seatbelt or helmet. We are free thinkers!

In closing: We need to support all the grass-roots anti-censorship organizations (like Rock Out Censorship) that we can. Remember, they are here for us, they are fighting for us, but they can't do it all alone. They need our help to win.

Editor's note - about Keith A. Wilkins: Keith A. Wilkins is a contract song-writer from the Tampa Bay area. He has written and sold songs to several record companies and musicians nationwide.