"Keith... I love your articles of what's happening in and on the music scene...who's who, who 's where, who’s new on The Scene,  Breaking news, and who’s leaving the scene. You show your kindness and your sadness within your writing's... your cheers of joy as a straight-up guy. Your there on the pulse of the full scene. Charity work... you give 100% of your heart an soul to so many others... this is a wonderful trait that any human can carry within!!! You have shown this in so many different ways you hold dear in your heart... It truly makes Keith the man he is, as all love and care deeply for this Man, this whole man. You've touch many hearts in the lifetime of your career, as you do in all you do within the realm of all!! You’re involved within, you’re witty and funny."

- Kat, Fort Garland, Colorado 

“Glad to see people like you getting involved to help others...Thank you for all your help too Keith!”

- Glen Yarbrough, Ocala, Florida

"About time someone gave the Tampa Bay music scene the attention it deserves!"

-Thomas H., St. Petersburg, Florida

"Keith Wilkins is a phenomenal writer and supporter for musicians, I read his columns all the time in the Examiner."

- JeAnna B., Sarasota, Florida

"Should be rated #1 ALL the time."

- Danielle D., St. Petersburg, Florida 

“Thank you for already exposing Gasoline Alley for what they are, I just hope other bands will pay attention. I know, I for one will be following your articles from here on out.  Keep up the great work!”

- Tampa, Florida Fan 

 "Keith Wilkins, sexiest journalist in music"

- Debbi D., Fan. 

“About the GI [Green Iguana] and possible discrimination, I really appreciate someone with the guts to bring up the issues that just get rolled around and pushed to the corner!”

- Odessa, Florida Fan 

"Kudos on your great summery and reporting on the Music Tampa Bay 2011 Top 100. 2012 promises to be a great year for MTB and the Examiner."

- Rick Crandall, St. Petersburg, Florida

"Keith is such a great example of a good responsible father and I only wish there were more like him out there. I feel for his struggles, but am happy that he has such a positive outlook to keep him going, especially the love he has for his daughter."

- Annie Chu, San Antonio, Texas