SINCE 1992 

Based out of the Tampa Bay area of Florida, KAM Music Publishing was originally founded in 1992 by Keith Wilkins, as a copyright house to administer the publishing & copyrights for his own songs and editorials. 

The name “KAM” in KAM Music Publishing is actually an acronym for “Keith A. Music”. When Keith started out in the early 90's as a contract songwriter, he went by the name Keith Allen, thinking that Allen sounded better then his birth name of Wilkins. “Keith A. Music” was the title he copyrighted all of his songs under. When Keith decided to form KAM Music Publishing, he initially used the full title of “Keith A. Music” until eventually shortening the title into the acronym of “K.A.M.”....hence the name KAM Music Publishing.

Keith actually has a tattoo of the original "Keith A. Music Lyric Writing" logo on his back.

Though Keith originally started KAM Music Publishing as a copyright house to administer the publishing & copyrights for his own songs and editorials, KAM Music Publishing would eventually branch out to offer a variety of services to other musicians & songwriters as well.

During the years of 1993 - 1996, KAM Music Publishing offered the following services to musicians & Songwriters: contract songwriting, copyright handeling for musicians & songwriters, lyric critiquing for songwriters, studio session drumming, songwriting collaboration contract drafting, and music management consulting. 

In 1996, KAM Music Publishing shut down operations when Keith Wilkins retired from music. Though it continued to act as the copyright administrator for Keith's catalog of songs & music editorials, it no longer offered services for others in the industry.

In 2010, Keith Wilkins was hired to write a music column for the Examiner News Website. Keith's column, called the St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene Column, quickly became widely read...becoming the #1 most read Examiner column of 2010 in the Tampa Bay market. With Keith once again working in the music industry, KAM Music Publishing was re-launched.

Since KAM Music Publishing's re-launch in 2010, website designing has been added to it's services.

KAM Music Publishing has been ran by Amy Joyner since 1993.