Keith first started working in the music business on the National scene as a Contract Songwriter (mainly as a lyricist) between 1992 - 1996. In his four years working full-time as a Contract Songwriter, Keith has recorded songs in several recording studios from Los Angeles to Miami Beach to Tampa. During that time, Keith sold several of his songs to different artists... with four of his songs being released on three separate albums.

Keith sold his first song ("News For You Baby") in 1992, at the young age of 17, to singer, Dave Sharky. The song was released on the 1993 Hollywood Artists Records album, "Music of America". Shortly thereafter, Keith would go on to sell 3 more songs... "Always" & "Hard Promises", recorded by Jon Clarke and released on the 1993 Rainbow Records album, "Hollywood Gold"...and "Every Time I Cry", recorded by Stephanie Allen and released on the 1995 Hollywood Artists Records album, "America Sings".

As a Lyricist, Keith specialized in writing love songs/Power-ballads in both rock, country, and blues styles. It didn’t take long before Keith developed a style of lyric writing that would help give him an edge over other Contract Songwriters. In a time when Female singers where big in both rock and country, Keith wrote many of his songs from a females perspective, for females to sing. Keith quickly gained a reputation from fellow songwriters in the industry as not only having a knack for telling a story in a song, but for having the knack for coming up with the perfect, catchy song titles as well.

Keith would partner with several Singer/Songwriters in the recording studio in order to create demo's to be shopped to artists looking for new material. In a time when contract songwriting was much more competitive then it is now, Keith devised a unique way to "shop" his songs to record company executives and artists management team. In a time before there was email or the internet, Keith would mail out his demo tapes & bio, stuffed inside a shoe. when the recipient would open up the package, they would find a cover letter inside the shoe that read..."Now that I have my foot in the door...". Though this unique form of self promotion didn't always guarantee the sale of his song, it did almost always guarantee a call back from the recipient, new relationships made, and Keith's name being remembered ("That crazy songwriter who sent us the shoe")

Keith's last project he worked on was in late 1995 on a 5 song demo project with Singer/Songwriter, Cathy Clark. The duo decided to record their material at HouseQuake Recording Studios, located in Tampa, Florida.

Though he does not work as a Contract Songwriter anymore, Keith still writes songs. Throughout the years Keith has written or co-written well over 200 songs.

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